Dorin Semi-hermetic Compressors are created to be even more compatible with the characteristics of new Refrigerants and the demands of the market related to efficiency, reliability and low noise levels. The range covers displacements from 2.89 to 244.75 m3/h and nominal capacities from 0.5 to 90 HP.

Refrigerants: R22, R407C, R134A, R404A, CO2, R290, R1270, HFO

Scope: Single Stage, Inverter and Two Stage Compressors, Trans-critical and Sub-critical Applications.

Applications: Cold Rooms, Refrigerated Vehicles, Ice Making Machines, Ice Cream Making Machines, Blast Freezing and Air Conditioning.

The condensing units are fitted with air-cooled condenser with copper tube and new design aluminium fins, high efficiency electric motor-fan equipped with safety grill, liquid receiver with safety valve and anti-vibration damper on discharge piping (when included), gas and liquid piping, steel frame, filter driers, moisture liquid indicator, solenoid valve, oil separator, suction flexible hose, dual pressure switch, control fan pressure switch and crank case heater.

Dorin have got a wide application envelope for our condensing units making it an appropriate product for high ambient conditions like 48°C.

Capacity: 0.5HP to 40 HP

Application: Both for Low Temp and Medium Temp Applications

Scope: CDUs with Single Stage and Two Stage Compressors

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