DURKEE is a multi-national high tech enterprise with focus in the HVAC/R industry. As a global leading HVAC integrated solution provider, Durkee owns three business divisions: Durkflex, Durkeesox and Durkhvac. Durkee has established 4 manufacturing and R&D centres (America, Wuhan and Guangzhou in China and Asia), more than 20 branch offices and hundreds of Distributors worldwide, serving countless clients around the world.


High Quality DURKFLEX is produced with the unique third generation “ACMF (Accuracy Control Microcellular Foam)” technology thus giving the best performance. With Closed cell structure Durkflex is a high quality flexible thermal insulation product ideal for HVACR applications. Durkflex provides efficient methods of preventing undesirable heat gain or loss in the whole air conditioning system. DURKFLEX is available with composite Aluminium Foil backing and is BS 476 CLASS O certified, FM Approved and UL 94 listed.


Fiberflex is high fire-proofing elastomeric composite thermal insulation material, using non-flammable and diversified outer insulation material with optimal performance to composite with elastomeric thermal insulation by patented flexible fusion technology. It can be applied into all fields because of its highest fire safety and best comprehensive performance.


DurkeeSox is a unique fabric air dispersion system in HVACR industry replacing traditional air ducts, air valves, diffusers and insulation. DurkeeSox is a flexible air dispersion system made of specialty high-tech fabric in which airflow is evenly distributed through fabric permeation and orifices injection.


Durksonic is a kind of compound open-cell acoustic absorption damping material which was developed with patented technology by Durkflex. It provides the solutions forreducing the influences of noise pollution and improving life quality.

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