POLOPLAST is an international supplier of plastic pipe systems, compounds and polymer engineering products.It focuses its activities on the field of plastic pipe systems for building engineering, water supply and sewage. In building engineering, special emphasis is given to pipe systems for modern domestic installation systems, energy-efficient building and drinking water. In the field of civil engineering, POLOPLAST is a partner of organisations that provide infrastructure, water supply and sewage, as well as pipe ducting. The compounding sector develops and manufactures innovative special compounds for the company‘s own needs, as well as for the plastics processing industry. POLOPLAST specializes in powerful, long-standing and recyclable pipe systems with a large innovative share, and is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic pipe systems using the multi-layer technology.


The POLO-KLIMA pipe system made of PP-R offers a non-corroding and long-standing solution for conveying water in enclosed cooling water systems for residential and commercial buildings, such as hotels and shopping centres, as well as for technological cooling purposes in industrial buildings.

POLO-UV system for outdoor application

  • H&C potable water distribution
  • Boiler and water tank connection
  • Condenser lines from cooling towers
  • Irrigation
  • Dimension 20–150 mm

POLO-KLIMA system for HVAC applications

  • Connection lines to AC vans
  • Connection lines to chiller
  • Process water cooling
  • Connection to cooling towers
  • Dimension 20–355 mm

POLO-ECOSAN system for H&C applications

  • Potable water distribution
  • Connection to boiler
  • Manifold constructions
  • Water tank connection
  • Risers, single feeding lines
  • Dimension 20–355 mm

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