Zanotti Transport and Industrial Refrigration


Zanotti manufactures the greatest range of mobile transport refrigeration units under the Transblock® brand. Zanotti is offering a complete range of Transport units.

  • Battery Drive Units
  • Direct Drive Invisible Units
  • Direct Drive Units
  • Direct Drive Split Units
  • Monoblock Diesel Units
  • Diesel Undermount Units
  • Trailer Units
  • Units for Dual and Triple Compartments

Zanotti has a complete range of units from 8ft Vehicle to 40ft Trailer for both – Chilling and Freezing Application.

For Stationary Refrigeration, Zanotti again offers a full range of product starting from smallest Cold Rooms to Big Projects of Multiple Cold Rooms.

  • Monoblocks for smaller and medium Cold Rooms
  • Open Type Condensing Units
  • Complete Condensing Units
  • Compressors Pack Systems with Piston and Screw compressors
  • Brine Chillers

For Industrial Refrigeration, Zanotti Group’s EMICONREF is a highly specialized company who operates globally in this field.

Compressor: Piston or Screw

Refrigerants: Ammonia, R404A, CO2 etc

Direct Cooling or Glycol Cooling

Temp Range: +10º C to –60º C

Projects: Ice Skating Rinks, Meat Storage, Fish Storage, Milk and Cheese Storage, Fruits and Vegetable Storage, Ice Cream, Chemical and Petrochemical, Clean Rooms, Logistics warehouses etc.

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